Days of the Week on My Blog

Monday: Music Monday
Tuesday: Tell Me Something Tuesday
Wednesday: Worldwide Wednesday
Thursday: TV Show Thursday
Friday: Food Friday
Saturday: Super Shoes Saturday
Sunday: Scary Movie Sunday


Are you wondering what these mean? Well here’s everything you need to know:

Music Monday is when I ask for people to vote from 3 songs that I chose and then I take the best one and make it the song of the day.

Tell Me Something Tuesday is the day you guys get to find out more about me! Every Tuesday I will reveal something about myself, whether it is something you do know, or even something that you don’t know.

Worldwide Wednesday is all about the world! I will choose a place in the world and give you some information about it, and I will also tell you if I have been there.  If you have been to the place, comment and tell me!

TV Show Thursday is when I out up an amazing TV that I love, and that if you share the same interests as me, that you guy should watch too!

Food Friday is when I put up a picture of a delicious food that I enjoy eating. I your lucky, I might even put in the recipe!

Super Shoes Saturday is when I put a picture of a pair of shoes that I like, and hopefully you will like them too.  Also, comment if you like the shoes.

Scary Movie Sunday is my personal favorite, unless you guys don’t like scary movies. On Sunday’s, I will pick a movie and put the name of it on my blog so that if you guys are bored, you can watch it! I might even watch it!


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