School: Make Bad Times Better

Let’s talk about school. When your in school, your bored and you just want to go home right? Well it really doesn’t have to be like that. If you surround yourself with your friends, and make sure that you have a positive attitude about everything on the outside, even if on the inside you have a negative attitude, I can guarantee that it’ll go by fast and that you will have fun. At my school, I have a great time because I make sure to sit next to my friends in all my classes and if you have assigned seats, then just stick through it and have lunch with your friends. And if you are not happy during school, you can make sure you contact your friends and hang out with them! Also, if you do your homework first, then you can do whatever you want (with your parents permission of course). School isn’t just a place to learn and talk about academics, it’s to spend time with your friends, build trust and make new friends. Is there a subject that you don’t like? Well, not liking the subject will make it hard to participate in the class. So try and find one good thing about that class, and try and have fun!
Hope this is helpful.